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Steel towers

Symmikton S.A. undertakes the construction and development of steel towers for telecom, television, and radio broadcast networks.

Our company was one of the three construction companies that undertook the development of the mobile telephony network of Cosmote in Greece. Within the context of mobile telephony expansion in the Balkans, our company also undertook the construction of 50% of the Albanian Mobile Communications (AMC) network in Albania, the Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile (Globul) network in Bulgaria, and the Cosmote Romanian Mobile Telecommunications (Cosmorom) network in Romania.

In the television broadcast network space, we undertook the construction and development of Mega Channel, the first private television network in Greece. For this project, our company managed to provide network coverage to 98% of the country in less than 2.5 years. We were also responsible for the maintenance of the broadcasting equipment and infrastructure for 4 years.

In the radio broadcast network space, we undertook the construction of radio station infrastructure, including studios and broadcast centers.


Our scope of work in this field can be summarized as follows:

Search & acquisition of location

telecom-tower-1 A telecom tower location developed by Symmikton

Construction & electromechanical works

telecom-tower-7 Telecom tower erection using a crane

Telecommunication works



Project Scope Location
Cosmote Mobile telephony towers Greece
EMY Meteorological data processing tower Greece
Mercury Self-supporting steel lattice towers in radio monitoring stations Greece
AMC Mobile telephony towers Albania
Globul Mobile telephony towers Bulgaria
Cosmorom Mobile telephony towers Romania

telecom-tower-2 telecom-tower-3 telecom-tower-4 telecom-tower-6 telecom-tower-8


Project Scope Location
Mega Channel TV studios and offices Athens, Marousi, Peania, Thessaloniki
Mega Channel Microwave links Athens, Thessaloniki
Mega Channel Satellite receiving station Peania
Mega Channel Broadcast centers 12 locations across Greece
Mega Channel Repeaters 19 locations across Greece

tv-tower-2 tv-tower-3 tv-equipment-1 tv-equipment-2 tv-equipment-3


Project Scope Location
Diesi FM Broadcast center Imitos
Skai FM Radio studio Pallini
Best FM Radio studio and broadcast center Psichiko, Imitos
Flash FM Radio studio and broadcast center Athens, Parnitha
Top FM Radio studio and broadcast center Athens, Parnitha
ERA Recording studio Athens
Pacific Recording studio Vrilissia
Prisma Recording studio Galatsi
Kitselidis Recording studio Pagkrati
Rex Music Hall Comprehensive acoustic infrastructure Athens