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Steel buildings

Symmikton S.A. undertakes steel building projects, providing integrated design and construction solutions.


Design & permitting

Our experienced Architectural Department proposes the functionally and economically optimal location for the building based on the preliminary location plan, while achieving high efficiency in the earthmoving works phase.

The architectural study of the building, as well as its floor plan design is developed in collaboration with the client and his specific functional requirements. At the same time, the company has a Structural Design Department specializing in both concrete and steel structures. The design phase is completed with the integration of electromechanical and fire safety drawings.

Symmikton S.A. has extesive experience in acquiring permits from:


After the acquisition of the building permit and with our expertise in building projects, we guarantee short execution times for all construction operations and excellent worksmanship quality.

Our company undertakes:

For the steel frame construction phase, Symmikton S.A. owns the most technologically advanced steel structure facility in Greece, fully equiped with robotic machinery (sanding, cutting, piercing, painting) and with a daily processing capacity of 30 tons of structural steel.



Project Size Description
Ellaktor S.A. Total area 70,000m2
Total tonnage 10,500tn
International Broadcast Center
Marousi, Attiki
Factory Outlet S.A. Total area 12,000m2 Shopping mall
Athens International Airport Retail Park
Porcelana S.A. Total area 10,000m2 Furniture exhibition building
Markopoulo Industrial Zone
A.B. Vassilopoulos S.A. Total area 3,030m2 Supermarket
Vrilissia, Attiki
Velmar S.A. Total area 990m2 Auto exhibition building
Gerakas, Attiki
Sakiotis S.A. Total area 600m2 Office and retail building
Pireas, Attiki

ibc-1 Ellaktor S.A. - aerial view

ibc-2 Ellaktor S.A. - steel frame erection phase

ibc-3 Ellaktor S.A. - aerial view

factory-outlet-1 Factory Outlet S.A. - aerial view with the Athens Airport landing strip in the background

factory-outlet-2 Factory Outlet S.A. - facade close-up

factory-outlet-3 Factory Outlet S.A. - facade close-up

porcelana-1 Porcelana S.A. - facade close-up

porcelana-2 Porcelana S.A. - exterior view

ab-vassilopoulos A.B. Vassilopoulos S.A. - exterior view


Project Size Description
Craft S.A. Production 1,200m2
Offices 300m2
Microbrewery building
Peania Industrial Zone
Skarlis Marbles S.A. Production 2,000m2
Offices 300m2
Marble processing plant
Aliveri, Evia
Viopremex S.A. Production 750m2
Offices 250m2
Aluminum equipment production plant
Thiva, Viotia
E.Papadopoulos S.A. Production 2,680m2
Offices 340m2
Wood processing plant with exhibition space
Avlonas, Attiki
Viamak S.A. Production 3,715m2
Offices 200m2
Textile manufacturing plant
Koropi Industrial zone
Evobus S.A. Production 2,500m2
Offices 550m2
Auto service plant
Koropi industrial zone
Filianos S.A. Production 3,550m2
Offices 300m2
Zinc and aluminum die casting plant
Schimatari, Viotia
F.A. Mourikis S.A. Production 3,000m2
Offices 200m2
Wood processing plant
Mandra, Attiki
Krivek S.A. Production 2,500m2
Offices 500m2
Food processing and distribution plant
Hersonisos, Iraklio
Media Strom S.A. Production 5,000m2
Offices 700m2
Matress manufacturing plant
Markopoulo Industrial Zone
Tsanos S.A. Production 1,185m2
Offices 200m2
Bread processing and distribution plant
Markopoulo Industrial Zone
Kteo Kifisias S.A. Total area 1,000m2 Auto inspection building
Marousi, Attiki
Kafea S.A. Production 2,400m2
Offices 200m2
Coffee processing and distribution plant
Peania Industrial Zone

e-papadopoulos E.Papadopoulos S.A. - exterior view

viamak Viamak S.A. - exterior view

evobus-interior Evobus S.A. - interior view

filianos-exterior Filianos S.A. - exterior view

filianos-interior Filianos S.A. - interior view

krivek Krivek S.A. - exterior view

krivek-interior-1 Krivek S.A. - interior view

krivek-interior-2 Krivek S.A. - interior view

media-strom Media Strom S.A. - exterior view

media-strom-interior Media Strom S.A. - interior view

kteo Kteo Kifisias S.A. - exterior view

kafea Kafea S.A. - exterior view

kafea-interior-1 Kafea S.A. - interior view

kafea-interior-2 Kafea S.A. - interior view

kafea-interior-3 Kafea S.A. - interior view

kafea-interior-4 Kafea S.A. - interior view

kafea-interior-5 Kafea S.A. - interior view


Project Size Description
Nireas S.A. Total area 620m2 Fish product storage warehouse
Koropi Industrial Zone
J&P Avax S.A. Total area 2,500m2 Olympic Equestrian Center warehouse
Markopoulo, Attiki
Lymberpa S.A. Total area 1,000m2 Warehouse
Koropi Industrial Zone
Ioannis Deloudis S.A. Total area 3,000m2 Furniture storage warehouse
Avlonas, Attiki
Elmec Sport S.A. Total area 6,500m2 Sports merchandise storage warehouse
Koropi Industrial Zone
Koutsikos S.A. Total area 6,100m2 Beverage storage warehouse
Volos Industrial Zone
Amvyx S.A. Total area 3,800m2 Beverage storage warehouse
Markopoulo Industrial Zone
Pseka S.A. Total area 4,710m2 Agricultural machinery warehouse
Inoi, Viotia
Vekrakis Imports S.A. Total area 4,200m2 Retail product storage warehouse
Ipato, Viotia
Cellco S.A. Total area 3,200m2 Pharmaceuticals storage warehouse
Markopoulo Industrial Zone
Intersys S.A. Total area 6,400m2 Electronics storage warehouse
Markopoulo Industrial Zone

nireas Nireas S.A. - exterior view

lymberpa Lymberpa S.A. - exterior view

deloudis Ioannis Deloudis S.A. - exterior view

elmec-sport Elmec Sport S.A. - exterior view

amvyx Amvyx S.A. - exterior view

pseka Pseka S.A. - exterior view

pseka-interior-1 Pseka S.A. - interior view

pseka-interior-2 Pseka S.A. - interior view

pseka-interior-3 Pseka S.A. - interior view

pseka-interior-4 Pseka S.A. - interior view

pseka-interior-5 Pseka S.A. - interior view

vekrakis Vekrakis Imports S.A. - exterior view

vekrakis-interior-1 Vekrakis Imports S.A. - interior view

vekrakis-interior-2 Vekrakis Imports S.A. - interior view

vekrakis-interior-3 Vekrakis Imports S.A. - interior view

cellco Cellco S.A. - exterior view

cellco-interior-1 Cellco S.A. - interior view

cellco-interior-2 Cellco S.A. - interior view

intersys Intersys S.A. - exterior view